A new oil discovery in the East Abu Sennan concession area in the Western Desert

Tharwa Petroleum Company announced the achievement of a new oil discovery in the East Abu Sennan concession area in the Western Desert, where operations in the area are managed through Alamein Petroleum Company, on behalf of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and Tharwa Petroleum Company.

Given that exploration and development activity is a fundamental pillar and a main and important focus of Tharwa Petroleum Company, which aims to increase production and add petroleum reserves, the company paid great attention to it during the year 2023, as the company intensified search and exploration operations in the East Abu Nan concession area through an ambitious plan that was implemented with begin of This year to compensate for the natural loss in production rates from the current tanks in the concession area.

One of the most important results of this ambitious plan was the success in achieving a new discovery through the exploratory well east of Abu Sinan (1) (2) Located in the exploratory part of the concession area, the well netted about 46 feet of net high-quality strata in the Abu Rawash (E) formation. This is the first time that the Abu Rawash (E)-bearing formation has been found For crude oil in the concession area.

The well was tested and completed, the development plan was approved, and the well was put on production successfully in record lifting time Daily production rates from the concession area are in preparation for reaching unprecedented levels since the start of operations in the area, immediately after the completion of developing the discovered reserves through the implementation of a development drilling program that is currently being planned.

In addition, Tharwa Company plans to drill more exploratory wells in the exploration part and expand the activity Development of the East Abu Sennan region

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