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Tharwa was established in 2004 as Egypt’s first joint stock Petroleum Company 100% nationally owned, to execute an upstream operation with two main goals E&P and Petroleum Services.

Tharwa is an integrated corporation with specialists who have the skills to operate our business in both E&P and Petroleum Services, capable of delivering strong growth by identifying and focusing on selected high value activities and securing optimum operating expenses, which would create value for the company’s shareholders investments.



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Tharwa History

New Oil Discovery in the East Abu Sinan concession area in the Western Desert in cooperation with EGPC and Tharwa Petroleum, the operator Alamein Petroleum.
New GAS Discovery at Nargis Offshore Area Concession, in the Mediterranean Sea, in cooperation with Chevron – the operator, Eni, and Egyptian Tharwa Company.
Seven blocks in the offshore Mediterranean had been assigned to Tharwa Petroleum Company with 10% share in each block, in partnership with major international oil companies; Chevron, Nobel Energy, Total, Kufpec, BP and BG. Three other blocks in offshore Red Sea has been assigned to Tharwa Petroleum Company with 10% share in each block, in partnership with Shell, Mubadala and Chevron.
Awarded Star Block to Tharwa & ExxonMobil.
Issuing the law of offshore “Nour concession”.
The Establishment of Lotus Oil Company equally between Tharwa Petroleum Company and EGPC.
The first oil discoveries from East Abu Sinan concession (100% Tharwa)
Issuing the law of Horus Development Lease (Law No.205/2014) to Tharwa and GPC (Tharwa 60% and GPC 40%) and Tharwa isthe operator for this concession.
Issuing of the Law of East Abu Sinan (No. 131/ 2014).
First Oil Discovery in Siwa Concession; Siwa-D-1X in Siwa Concession, showing potential in 4 zones, and tested in Safa & AEB-5. Siwa D-1X was put on stream in December 2012 with daily production of 1,200 BOPD
Started first oil production from WEEME (West Esh El-Mallaha extension) Concession with initial production rate of 1300 BOPD.
Started first gas production from Thekah Concession with daily rate of 100 million standard cubic feet of gas/day.
Establishment of Tharwa Breda Petroleum Services Company for manufacturing wellheads and X-Mass trees.
Establishment of Egyptian Petroleum HH Rig manufacturing Co.
Establishment of Sino Tharwa Drilling Company.
Establishment of Tharwa Petroleum Company, Tharwa signed four agreements with EGPC in the Western Desert and one agreement with EGAS in the Mediterranean Sea, with awarding 5 concessions, 4 in the western desert (Siwa, Sallum, W. Ghazalat, and Farafra) and one in the Mediterranean offshore Sinai (Thekah concession).

Our vision, mission, and values

Tharwa Potential

Egypt is facing challenges to become an increasingly attractive spot for international oil and gas players as the country is expanding on new oil and gas discoveries; and considered to be a stronger appetite from lenders and potential investors toward financing new oil and gas opportunities.

To meet the key challenges in the oil and gas industry, as well as the needs of our partners and stakeholders, the company has a numerous of strength pillars; the company has started to implement a five-year strategy and updating it currently which will boost value to shareholders through a full-scope reform to the company’s organizational structure, internal processes, and financial performance.

We are consolidating our competitive advantage and continuing to expand our portfolio, all while improving safety for people & equipment and enhancing our environmental performance. We also take well-organized approach to invest in our sisters companies so that we can maintain our competitive edge over the long term and ensure that our production and services are in line with the increasing of the global demand for oil & gas and fulfill Egyptian oil and gas sector’s needs.


To rank within the top ten local players in the oil and gas industry and to gradually expand to compete in the MEAN region and Africa.


We are a national upstream operation company specializing in the Exploration and Production of oil and gas, as well as rendering of various petroleum services and committed to sustainable growth in order to return maximum value to our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and communities.

Core Values

• High Performance: We are committed to delivering the best results and to continuously exceed expectations.
• Accountability: We are collectively responsible for the company’s results which are the outcome of our own performances.
• Equality: The Company’s rules and internal policies apply to all of us in the same manner.
• Team Spirit :We appreciate the essence of collaboration in achieving the company’s objectives.
• Innovation & Change: We promote innovation and change to improve our processes and policies in order to ensure getting best results.


In continuation of accomplishing the company vision to attain the highest growth rates on capital, Tharwa has invested part of its capital as shares in three sisters companies as following:



MDC previously (Sino-Tharwa) had been established in 2005 as a joint venture between Tharwa Petroleum Company – a subsidiary of the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources – and China’s Sinopec Star Petroleum Company.

MDC is essentially a service company, providing support to oil & gas for E&P companies, in addition to providing a range of different capacities of drilling and work over oil & gas rigs.

Currently, a conversion occurred among shareholders after the relinquishment of Sinopec Star Petroleum Company from Sino-Tharwa that the latter to be under the name of Modern Drilling Company Ltd. (MDC) – Free Zone – with a riven shares of 83% to EGAS and 17% to Tharwa.

tharwaBredaTHARWA-BREDA Petroleum Service Company (TBPSCO) is an Egyptian joint venture company established in accordance with the Egyptian governmental laws for free zones systems .

The core activities of this partnership include, but are not limited to local production, assembling, and sale of petroleum well-heads, valves and control units

The company scope of supply also includes sub-sea valves, chemical packages, utility Skids, engineering and technical support, maintenance, testing, and repairing services for all the mentioned products.

ephhEPHH is a Joint Venture Company established in 2007 in accordance to the free zone of Cairo, Egypt, between Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum (PETROJET, ENPPI, THARWA) and Hong Hua Holding Co. ltd

EPHH Activities which are as follows:

Manufacture Drilling Land Rigs 1500 HP and 2000 HP

Assembly Land Rigs and work-over rigs from 350 HP – 3000 HP.

Rig maintenance and all required tests and issue re-certificates.

Supply spare parts for the Rigs.

Bop Maintenance, testing and re- certificate.

Manufacture Mud Tanks, Water Tanks, Fuel Tanks and steel fabrication.

Manufacture water drilling rigs and supply camps for rigs and oil field operations.

Former Chairmen

Eng. Hussein Farghaly

Eng. Hussein Farghaly

October 2020 – October 2021


Eng. Amr El Leithy

Eng. Amr El Leithy

November 2019 – April 2020


Geol. Sherif Soussa

Geol. Sherif Soussa

February 2017 – August 2017


Eng. Mohamed Moens Shahat

Eng. Mohamed Moens Shahat

February 2016 – April 2016


Eng. Medhat Mahmoud El Sayed

Eng. Medhat Mahmoud El Sayed

March 2012 – Dec 2012


Geol. Abo Bakr Ibrahim

Geol. Abo Bakr Ibrahim

July 2010 – April 2011


Geol. Ahmed Darwish

Geol. Ahmed Darwish

March 2004 – Feb 2005
Eng. Abdallah Bekhit

Eng. Abdallah Bekhit

May 2020 – September 2020


Geol. Selim El Serougy

Geol. Selim El Serougy

August 2017 – August 2019


Geol. Adel Mohamed Saeed

Geol. Adel Mohamed Saeed

April 2016 – February 2017


Eng. Raafat El Beltagy

Eng. Raafat El Beltagy

December 2012- January 2016


Geol. Mohamed Refaat Khafagy

Geol. Mohamed Refaat Khafagy

April 2011 – March 2012


Eng.Atef Abd El Sadek

Eng.Atef Abd El Sadek

February 2005 –July 2010
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