Blindness Campaign “Nour El Hayah”

Tharwa Petroleum Company contributed in the implementation of “Nour El Hayah ” initiative campaign for combating the causes of loss of blindness to support and sponsor this campaign in El Alamein region, which aims to:

  • Early detection.
  • The provision of therapeutic services and surgical interventions.
  • Developing national awareness of eye health.
Nour Al-Hayah

This campaign launched by Tahya Misr Fund adhering to the Presidential regulations of Mr. Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to reduce the cases of weakness of vision via diagnosis & early treatment. The campaign is targeting two phases as follows:

  • Phase One :-

Combating the causes of weakness and loss of eyesight through examining 10 million students in the primary stage covering all of Egypt in addition, to 2 million citizens of the most urgent cases , as well as,  providing one million medical eyeglasses and carrying out 250,000 eye operations .

  • Phase Two :-

Providing optical services to 2 million citizens and conducting more than 200,000 surgical interventions, with treatment and follow-up to reduce cases of weakness and loss of eyesight.

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